The second oldest Political Party in the Philippines, the Liberal Party (LP) is considered an institution of Philippines sociopolitical life. Formed after World War II by Pres. Manuel A. Roxas, it has consistently provided the country with strong leadership, especially in times of crisis. It is a Party whose history is filled with sacrifice; its members and leaders have been known to give their very lives just to see Freedom and Liberty reign in the Philippines. During moments of moral ambiguity in Philippine Politics, government officials and the media always look towards where the LP will go as an indication on what may be the right decision or stand on an issue.


According to Pres. Manuel Roxas, a Liberal can be defined as such:

> Fights hard for what he believes in, but concedes to those who disagree with him the right to fight in like manner, so long as they are fair.

> Believes there is such a thing as truth, and it can best be determined in a free and open contest for the allegiance of men’s minds.

> Believes that while the People may not always be right they usually are and if given free rein to choose and select, Righteousness, Truth and Justice will prevail.

> Believes in progress toward the goals of Peace, Justice and Freedom; Believes in the greatest good for the greatest number; Believes that man can be led to Happiness and Prosperity but neither terrorized nor driven to these goals.

> Believes in Reason and Enlightenment rather than fear and superstition, in Judgment rather than passion, Debate rather than Intrigue.